The cultural action of INSA Hauts-de-France is intended to implement the Institute's cultural policy. This policy aims to awaken the curiosity and develop the sensitivity of students as a complement to their training. This policy is also aimed at the staff. The cultural action is thus articulated around 2 main axes.


Promoting access to culture

  • Born of the desire to open up to the world through art and culture, this policy offers a wide range of activities: exhibitions, live performances, screenings, concerts, lectures, meetings, artists' workshops, visits to museums and heritage sites. 
  • These activities will always be accompanied by mediation to better understand the artistic process, promote ownership of the subject and break down psychological and social barriers.
  • This democratization of Culture also relies on the valuable network of student associations that will be able to relay, on the ground, the various events (link to student associations page)

Federating through artistic practice

The cultural action of INSA Hauts-de-France will carry projects through collaborations between art professionals, students and staff. These co-creations will lead to the production of original works and may link the artistic and scientific approaches. They will be the subject of systematic restitutions on the occasion of study days and annual exhibitions.

Wealth of partnerships

All these cultural proposals are made in relation with the actors of training, research and, in connection with the Management. 
But also via a network: 

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