Situation de handicap

Mission handicap

INSA Hauts-de-France has a Disability referent in direct connection with the disability relay of the Hauts-de-France Polytechnic University (UPHF).

The Handicap referent

His mission allows for the follow-up and implementation of the necessary and specific adaptations of each student, throughout the curriculum, in direct link with the educational managers :

  • Adaptation of the curriculum, exams
  • Workstation accommodations
  • Facility accommodations
  • Lending of equipment
  • Human assistance (note taking, tutoring, ...)

INSA Hauts-de-France also organizes information meetings towards educational managers, in connection with the UPHF disability relay.

Report yourself

It is important to make one's situation known as soon as the school year begins so that the disability relay, the health center and INSA Hauts-de-France can anticipate the necessary accommodations.

All students with disabilities must renew their file each year, in order to benefit from the accommodations again.


BARA Laurence

Disability Referent

Location : Claudin Lejeune Building 3 (1 floor, Management)


Cellule Handicap INSA Hauts-de-France
Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France, Campus du Mont Houy, Claudin Le Jeune 1
59313 Valenciennes Cedex 9

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