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This Thursday, March 16, INSA Hauts-de-France welcomed 330 middle school students from the Cordée " INSA, je veux, je peux " and about fifteen parents to discover higher education and university.

The program for middle school students includes:

  • Welcome and presentation of the day's program
  • Conference "How to Learn?"
  • Group photo
  • Picnic, free play
  • 4 workshops
  • Proclamation of results

The middle school students also participated in a poster contest whose theme was "present a company in the commune and its production"


On the agenda for parents

  • Welcome and presentation of the day's program
  • "How higher education works" lecture and presentation of UPHF and INSA Hauts-de-France
  • Presentation and meal at the University Restaurant
  • Rozen Tempered Lecture
  • Presentation of financial aid and housing by the CROUS social worker
  • Testimonials from 2 students
  • Tour of student residences and the campus, including the Maison Sociale des Etudiants and the University Library