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Enter the Short Story Competition!

Organized every two years, the INSA Group short story competition invites students, staff and alumni to take up the pen and imagine fictional texts, around a theme. For 2024, the theme is "Artifice".

Artifice n.m. : A clever, ingenious device. An artifice of calculation. Skillful means of disguising the truth. Ruse, subterfuge, deception.
Fireworks: explosives with a luminous effect that are set alight for an outdoor party. Figuratively:that which dazzles by the number and rapidity of brilliant images or features.

Born in 2011, this competition, meets with great success at each session. The humanist dimension of engineering training, the DNA of the INSA model, is fully expressed in the pleasure authors take in this writing exercise. This pleasure is enthusiastically shared by the members of the juries, who are always curious and eager to discover the texts.

Let your imagination run wild!

News dispatch until March 11, 2024.

Candidates for the short story competition have until March 11 inclusive to send in their manuscripts. The jury, made up of members of the various establishments and professionals from the book world, will select the ten winning short stories, which will enable their authors to receive several prizes (a digital ink tablet for the first to third prizes, e-readers for the fourth and fifth prizes and culture vouchers for the sixth to tenth prizes).

The results will be announced in early April and an awards ceremony is already scheduled at INSA Rouen Normandie, during May 2024.

In 2022, some 100 short stories had been received as part of the competition, the majority written by the student community. The winning texts had been published in a collection, accessible online.

Contest rules

- Your short story must be sent by March 11 inclusive to @email in two anonymized formats (one in PDF format, the other in text format), along with the registration form.

The document must be no more than 15,000 signs (not including spaces). It must be written in French, anonymized, paginated and typed. It must not have been previously published.

Competition dates

- Up to and including March 11: short stories sent to the jury
. - March 12 - early April: reading of short stories by the jury
. - Early April: announcement of results
. - In May: awards ceremony at INSA Rouen Normandie