Semaine dev durable mars 2023 -
  • Sustainable development

Ecological transition, a new responsibility for higher education: the Jouzel report

Sustainable Development Week

  • Le 20/03/2023

  • 14:00 - 15:30
  • Conference
  • Mont Houy Campus - Claudin Lejeune Building 3

In February 2022, the working group chaired by climate scientist Jean Jouzel, submitted the Jouzel-Abbadie report entitled :

Awareness and training in the challenges of the ecological transition and sustainable development in higher education

Training in the Ecological Transition in Higher Education must become an integral part of the training pathways and all training courses have a vocation to take it into account in particular the Bac+2/3 level. The goal is to train 100% of students at the Bac+2/3 level, regardless of their course, within 5 years.

On the occasion of the sustainable development week, we are honored to welcome on Monday, March 20, 2023, Professor Luc Abbadie, co-author of the said report.  He will present us orally the report in its broad outlines and will draw up an assessment one year after the delivery of the report.

He will also answer your questions about the major changes that await us in our teaching and training practices in the years ahead.

Luc Abbadie is professor emeritus at Sorbonne University where he taught general ecology, functional ecology and biogeochemistry. He has created and managed several undergraduate and master's level courses of a multidisciplinary nature. He is currently a member of the management committee of the Institut de la Transition Environnementale of Sorbonne University, a member of the board of the GREC francilien and vice-president of the scientific council of the Office français de la biodiversité. He has conducted research on the carbon and nitrogen cycles and on the functioning of soils and ecosystems, in both the tropical and temperate zones. He has initiated́ many interdisciplinary works in the field of environment and applications of ecology for sustainable management of biodiversitý, natural resources and ecosystems (ecological engineering) and has led a body of research in urban ecology.