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Return on the 4th Valenciennes Mathematical Meeting

Thursday, March 23, the fourth Valenciennes mathematical meetings were held for students in the UPHF mathematics degree program, students in preparatory classes at the Wallon high school and their teaching teams. This event was part of the mathematics week.


The afternoon began with a presentation by François Sauvageot, Professor of Mathematics in preparatory classes in Vannes, on the theme "Mathematicians, Mathematics. Ni vues, ni connues". François took the 250 participants to the discovery of some great figures of mathematicians, as well as to the (re)discovery of geometry, as they had perhaps never seen it before...  in a most enthusiastic atmosphere!

Then followed three talks by teacher-researchers from the CERAMATHS of the Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France, who presented their research work. Virginie Régnier shared her expertise in partial differential equations for the understanding of energy transfer phenomena operating on suspension bridges. Laura Saini explained the importance of parametrizing space curves in order to manage the trajectories of cameras operating in 3D animation films. Finally, Lucas Reding introduced the relevance of random geometry for the characterization of ceramic materials.


A beautiful afternoon, undoubtedly allowing everyone to discover mathematics in a different way, to perceive at the same time its history, beauty and utility!